Rosetta Stone Torrent

Searching for "Rosetta Stone Torrent" leads to pirated versions of our solution.

"Rosetta Stone is the #1 language learning software company in the world with over 30 languages, including Spanish, French, German, and Japanese. Interested in downloading cheap torrents of Rosetta Stone? You may want to think twice."

Legitimate Rosetta Stone software is not available from torrent sites. Anyone that is offering the program from a torrent site is offering suspect software, which is illegal and the software likely carries significant risks to your computer and your private information.

Using fake, defective or corrupted software can ruin your computer and expose you and your family members to fraud and identity theft. Instead of searching for a Rosetta Stone torrent, buy Rosetta Stone direct,or from an authorized retailer. Protect yourself and support anti-piracy efforts.

You can be sent to prison for stealing Rosetta Stone from a torrent site.

Technology is now being used by companies and law enforcement to identify, track and catalog the illegal use, distribution or copying of software files, by both the people offering it and the recipients, from torrent sites and elsewhere online. Illegal file sharing, and the fraud and identity theft that goes along with it, carry severe criminal and civil penalties, which can include jail time as well as monetary awards in the millions of dollars and more.

The United States federal government can also prosecute online piracy, fraud and infringement criminally; individuals found to have unlawfully obtained software through a torrent site or another source can be fined up to $250,000, sentenced to up to 5 years in prison, or both. Continuing to use or distribute pirated software can result in longer prison sentences.

Anti-piracy efforts help protect intellectual property and jobs.

Stealing software affects everyone, including you. When someone uses a torrent site or another method to illegally obtain Rosetta Stone computer software, you are actively participating in and perpetuating a black market. The torrent market is a vehicle to gain access to computers and the private information, and to embed malicious software and bots onto the recipient computers to engage in all sorts of fraud and illegal acts. Collectively, online fraud, piracy and identity theft cost consumers and companies alike.